RV modifications to kids room

Living in such a small place isn’t so bad, once you figure out the best way to organize and store your stuff. It also comes in super handy to have an amazingly talented grandpa and husband! 

With my daughter starting back to school and my son getting older (and bigger) his clothes weren’t fitting in the one small drawer I had his clothes in. I thought of this idea and in a few days my grandpa had it brought to life for me! Now I have 6 bins to organize their clothes in. 

We used to keep their toys in plastic tubs under the desk. That didn’t last long, and it always looked messy and drove me crazy, so again, my grandpa brought my idea to life! He made them a toy box that fit perfectly under the desk with wheels, so they could wheel it out when they wanted to use it. 

I also saw something online that gave me the idea to hang some buckets (with command strips, I use command strips for EVERYTHING) to store pencils, crayons, etc in. 

I also found the little wicker looking baskets at Dollar General that I hang in several places with command strips to store stuff in. For the kids room, I used it by the TV to keep their remotes in. 

On the far right of the picture I have a mail organizer that I used to put paper and coloring books in. 

My grandpa also made a chalkboard, that I used chalkboard paint from Spectrum Paint to paint it with. 

That’s all the modifications we have done at this point in their bedroom. Stay updated for anything new we decide to do in there. 

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Have a Blessed day! 

Work work work

If you know me, you know that if there is something to be sold, I have tried it. Jamberry Nails, Sass N Frass, Usborne books, Tshirts, wreaths, 

bracelets, toothpaste, Thirty-One and Scentsy. Scentsy and Thirty-One are my go to direct selling companies. 

At one point with Scentsy, I hadn’t met my quota and became inactive. I stayed that way for about a year or so, and then we became full time RVers. I had tried burning some candles in our RV, they smell good, and the flame is peaceful, but I kept noticing black streaks all over. Once I figured out it was coming from the candles, I decided it was time to reactive my Scentsy account! (Of course I had to get the camper warmer!)

I have just recently started selling Thirty-One. I have been tossing the idea around for a long time, but I finally decided it was the right choice to make. I love their products! And living in an RV, I’m always looking for way to help organize our things. They have so many products to help with that. Stay turned for a post on ways I’m using Thirty-One to organize our RV. 

People tease me all of the time about always selling something. Y’all, I’ve said it before, my family is EVERYTHING to me! And if I can think of something to do from home, that will allow me to stay home and take care of my family, I’ll do it. 

If you read in my blog post recently about our vinyl business, you read that I work out of a cargo trailer. It is perfect, because I have an extra space to keep ALL of my supplies for all of my little “side job”. 

I also have been selling those blingy bracelets. I was able to do some big fundraisers last year for some schools, and I also have them listed on my Etsy site.  I have room in the cargo trailer to keep all of my beads, and supplies in a corner. 

I also have recently finished schooling to become a travel agent. I have room in the trailer to also keep all of my books, brochures, and things I need. With everything being out there, in the trailer, it doesn’t clutter up the RV. Please stayed tuned for my blog on being a travel agent.

I have seen many posts on the RV groups I am in asking how people make money while on the road. These are all great ways I have made money while RV living. 

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Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Today my daughter started her first day of 1st grade! 1st grade!!? Where has time gone? 

We have had the privledge of sending her to the same school I went to from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is an amazing school, with a wonderful staff, and community that stands behind it. It is so neat that most of the teachers that taught when I was in school are still there. And my daughter gets to go to school with so many kids that I went to school with their parents. It’s a small, close community, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My first day of 1st grade vs. my daughter’s first day of 1st grade. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle! 

It’s funny how things in life fall into place. Yesterday my kids and I were able to spend the day with my longest friend! Her and I met before we started Kindergarten together. We graduated together, and have kept in touch ever since. Of course life gets in the way, but we seem to always be able to pick up like we have spoke every day. She now has the perfect little family, and boy did my kids love her babies. They got to play together at my grandparents house. The same house her and I spent so much time at when we were kids. 

God sure has an amazing way of making things come full circle in life. 

Have a Blessed day y’all! 

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Bible study

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is Bible study and Bible journaling. 

Bible- ✔️

Colored pens- ✔️

Coffee- ✔️

New Bible Study book- ✔️

I recently had a friend of mine post about a friend of hers that just released her newest Bible study book “Discovering Hope in The Pslams”. You can order your signed copy here…          Love-Wise

I just received mine in the mail yesterday and am so excited to get started!! 

One of my favorite verses from Psalms is Psalm 46:5.. “God is within her, she will not fail.”

That verse is so true! There is so many times in my life that I have prayed about something and God is there with me, guiding me along the way. 

Guys… God is real! God is alive! God works miracles! Talk to him, tell him how you feel, thank him for all he has done. He has given you another day to get to know Him more. He can be your best friend. 

I have always believed in God, and have always tried living my life in the best way possible. I was saved at a very young age by my childhood best friend! I have had my life rededicated many times. I have been baptized. But at times I still let life get in the way, and don’t study my Bible as much as I should. I’m not perfect, but I try to be the best Christian I can, and teach my kids to know God. 

Bible studying always helps bring things back into perspective. Be sure to check out Bill and Pam’s website Love-Wise, or find your own way to Bible study. 

God is good all the time! 

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The start to our business 

People ask all the time, what made us decide to start a decal business. And we can’t really remember. All I remember is my husband wanting to buy a machine to make decals for cars. I remember, we found a man that lived close by that had a machine and gave us some input on it. It wasn’t much later that we had ordered our supplies to get us started. It was about a year or so after we got started that we upgraded machines. I don’t remember which machine it was we were waiting to be shipped, but it was scheduled to be at our house that day. I had ran to town for just a minute and came home to see Fedex leaving the neighborhood and I had no package on my front porch. We had been so anxious to get the machine set up, that I chased him around town until I spotted him and convinced him to bring the machine back. And he did! Woohoo!! 

My husband had the idea that we would sell decals more for cars, and I thought we would sell more for home decor. To start out, we did sell more for home decor, but as the years have gone on, we have been Blessed with some big accounts that keep us busy. We now have some trucking companies, schools, and businesses that we make decals for. We also have an Etsy shop that we get orders from. 

When we first started our vinyl decal business, we were living in our house. It started out in our spare bedroom. Then we found out we were pregnant with our son, so we had to relocate. We built a temporary room in our garage to accommodate my office. 

That didn’t last long, the heat in the summer was awful. We then relocated to our shed in the backyard. We put a window unit and lots of lights inside. It worked well. Then I got the idea to start my own boutique in town, that would hold our vinyl business as well. So once again we packed it up and moved it there. The boutique was an awesome opportunity, and my vendors did very well. But it was too much to handle by myself with both kids, and my vinyl orders. We then decided to build in our back porch and make it an office. That worked perfect! But it wasn’t much longer that God put the opportunity for our new lives in front of us to become full time RVers. So, AGAIN, we packed it up and moved it to my parents house in their spare bedroom. It was perfect! I had a babysitter while I worked, and had plenty of space. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances and the 30 mile drive back and forth every time I needed to make something, we again found ourselves moving. We decided to buy a cargo trailer and park it in our spot with us that I can work out of. Oh how much I had missed just being able to get up and work on orders anytime I needed to. It is my office in the woods. 

To my fellow RVers, working from home is possible! Stay tuned for my next post, and I will show you all I am able to do from home, to earn money for our family. 

I hope y’all have a Blessed Sunday!

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Amazing company

My husband started working for an amazing company, Spectrum Paint, when he was 15 years old. He has now been there a little over 13 years!! Before we had kids, I also had the privilege of working there for 5 years. We both have met some wonderful people working for them! 

They are wonderful people to work for. We have been so Blessed by them. It is hard these days to find a good job, that you can be home every evening and every weekend with your family. And guys, family is everything! Spectrum Paint is a very family involved, Christian company. I know it’s crazy to some that the 4 of us are inseparable, especially living in such a small space, but we love it! We love when Daddy gets home in the evenings and we can start making those memories. Whether it be with friends, family, taking road trips, or just hanging out at home. We love doing life together! God sure knew what he was doing over 13 years ago when he placed the opportunity in front of my husband to get started with this company. 

A little back story on Spectrum Paint

Travis Detter started Spectrum Paint Company in 1986 with the advice and financial backing from his father, John Detter, who joined the company physically in 1995. Travis began selling with six months of paint industry experience out of a mini-storage building, targeting industrial accounts. They sell paint and protective coatings to professionals and homeowners. When my husband started in 2004 they had 8 stores, now they are up to 72 and counting. Spectrum Paint has established itself as the leading distributor of paint and protective coatings in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. 
For all of my fellow RVers, find the nearest location to you and go by and get your paint, paint supplies, wall paper adhesive, etc. for your RV remodels. (If you do end up finding yourself using them for a remodel we would all LOVE to see pictures!)

Our steps and benches are a few things we have done with Spectrum Paint’s paint and supplies since we started RV living. 

Have a Blessed day and weekend y’all! 
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You’re going to miss this

As I sit here this morning in the quiet, my mind is racing with all the things that need to be done. But all I want to do is make memories with my kids, before my daughter starts back to school. They each stayed the night away from home last night, which is so hard on this mama. I miss my babies! 

My husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this past May, and decided to take a cruise for our anniversary, but we aren’t going until December. It’s going to be a cruise for just us, so I have to leave my babies at home. For a whole week! It’s not going to be easy, but we will have fun, and I know they will too. 

My daughter will start back to school next week. She is going into 1st grade… 1ST GRADE!?!! How is that even possible? Time goes by way too fast. Every time I hear the lyrics to “You’re going to miss this” by Trace Adkins I think of my dad… 

Before she knows it she’s a brand new bride In her one-bedroom apartment, and her daddy stops by He tells her “It’s a nice place” She says “It’ll do for now” Starts talking about babies and buying a house Daddy shakes his head and says “Baby, just slow down” You’re gonna miss this You’re gonna want this back You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast These are some good times So take a good look around You may not know it now But you’re gonna miss this

He has always told me, put the work off, it will always be there, spend time and make memories. 

I, of all people, know how hard that is. If I know something needs to be done it drives me crazy until I just do it. My husband and I have so many irons in the fire, there is always work of some sort that needs to be done. Even if that means working on a Saturday or Sunday evening. But I have to learn to stop. My babies aren’t babies anymore, and I want to make memories with them. 

Even though they fight, spill their drinks, wipe their Dorito hands on their new shirt, want something constantly, make a mess in their room that I just cleaned, lose TV remotes, and like to run and dance (in an RV, that is loud and shakes the trailer around). They also, love, snuggle, have huge hearts, and just want their mommy and daddy to play. They won’t always want those things. Take advantage of them while you can. 

I am going to make those memories! 

Have a Blessed day y’all! 
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Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everday

When you live on the lake, you get to fish anytime you want. We are so Blessed to be able to live on the lake! If you look for us on the weekend, you can usually find us on the water. With all of our friends!

Lately, even the evenings too! Over the weekend when we had our aunt and uncle camping with us, we were able to do some night fishing. (Yes, the first night we got stranded and went out the next night anyway lol). It was still pretty rough waters on Saturday night also. We anchored down close to the boat ramp, and did some bobber fishing. Our daughter has been begging for us to put a real hook on her pole so she could really catch a fish. We were getting tired and about ready to go back in, so my husband let her hold his pole. It wasn’t much later, and she had a bite. He jerked the pole up for her, and she reeled it in. She had caught her first fish! Can’t you see the excitement on her face?

We have all became quite the fisherman… 

Sometimes we even catch fish 2 at a time! 

(Don’t tell anyone my secrets)

Fishing is such a stress relief. Especially in the evenings when all you can hear is the night sounds and see the stars through the clear night sky. 

We also get some pretty amazing sunsets here in Oklahoma. I always think back to Jason Aldean’s song (Fly Over States) when I look at the sky…

On the plains of Oklahoma

With a windshield sunset in your eyes

Like a water colored painted sky

You’ll think heaven’s doors have opened

You’ll understand why God made

Those fly over states

We have so much fun together! Who would have ever thought a family of 4 could live together in such a small space, and then spend all of their extra time together on a boat. But we do, and we love it! 

We are just fishin’ and lovin’ everyday! 

Have a Blessed day friends! 
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Friends sometimes feel like family

The second family we met a few months after we started this new journey. They have now became more like family. They would come camp with us off and on the 1st camping season, and we visited, but it wasn’t until the 2nd camping season that we really got to know them. It’s funny to look back now because my husband was really quiet around them for a while. Now, I bet they wish he was still that quiet. Lol. 

“We don’t meet people by accident, they were meant to cross our paths for a reason”

That is one of my favorite quotes. And when talking about this family, it is just a perfect statement of our friendship. God really knows what he is doing! Out of everyone in the world, it is so awesome that He knows just the right people, that belong in your life, at just the right time. This family will drop what they are doing to come help in any way they can. Like when you are trading fifth wheels and don’t have anything to pull them. They will spend all day with you while you switch, plus help you move out of one and into another. 

It is hard these days to find friends that have the same values on life as you do. With this family, not only do we have friends that feel like family, we have a Brother, and Sisters in Christ. 

We don’t always get to see them much during the week, because they are some hard workers! They own their own lawn care business and work their tails off during the week. (If you are local and need yard work done, give them a call! J and R Mowing) But when the weekend rolls around, watch out! We always have something fun going on. Have you ever heard of lawn mower races? Well they are awesome! We go once a month to watch them! (OK Mower Racing does a fantastic job!). Whether it is a day on the lake, some type of races, or taking a road trip, we always find something fun to do. 

Oh! And don’t forget these girls! They are something special. My kids totally adore them! They also, would do anything for you. This summer, I am so thankful for their help. They have taught both of my kids how to swim (with their life jackets on). But if you knew my kids at the beginning of the summer, you would know why this is such a big deal. They were terrified to get in the water. Now they can’t wait to get in, and we can’t get them out. But seriously, these girls are probably the most amazing young women you will ever meet! (If you’re lucky enough to get the chance)

One of the girls has been on a mission trip most of this year and we haven’t been able to spend much time with her. She is going to 11 countries in 11 months. You can follow her by following this link. The World Race

We have been able to take many small vacations, but also a cruise with part of the family earlier this year, and we had a blast! At the beginning of next year, we get to take another cruise and they all get to go this time! We are so excited! 

Who would have thought, by making a change in your life, you would meet so many amazing people, and you get to travel and make so many memories with them. 

* I can book your vacation for you too!           Your Travel Agent- Rachel Howell

We have been so Blessed!! God is so good!

Have a Blessed day!
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Friends to the rescue

In the RV living section, I have posted a story as to how we started our RV life. In addition to that, through doing what we do, we have met many families who have became friends. Some of them have became more like family. The first family we met just a few weeks after we started this job, and new journey of our lives. They were camped next to us, and we had made small talk several times. One evening we came home, and they were sitting outside and hollered over and told us they had found a tarantula. They wanted our kids to come see it. So we went over and visited and that was the beginning to an AMAZING friendship. The following year, they also had the privledge of becoming camp hosts at the same lake, at the campground right next to us. So now we have some of our best friends right across the lake and we see them daily. What a Blessed life we have!
Now let me tell you about this family.. they are just AMAZING. There isn’t really a better word. They are always there anytime we need them. Day or night (night behind proved last night). 

So we went to eat at a (new to us) Mexican restaraunt yesterday evening with our aunt and uncle. (El Sol Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Claremore, OK if you are in the area and want to give it a try). When we were done eating, we decided we all wanted to go out and do some evening/night fishing. No big deal, right? Wrong. Lol. We got back, hooked the boat up, launched it in the water, and off we went. We each had caught a fish, and were having a great time. It was a perfect, clear, peaceful evening. We anchored down and were doing some bobber fishing, when my husband decided to make sure we weren’t running our battery dead (we had lights and stereo on). “Uh-oh” he said. Aw man! It was a bad Uh-oh. The battery had died, and the motor wouldn’t start. We were in the back of a cove, and 11pm, in the pitch black (except for the stars and moon). Who do we call? What do we do? 

Great friends to the rescue! We called the family mentioned above, and without hesitation they were there to help us! The lake was choppy and dark, and it was late. But here they came. To the rescue. Those 2 little lights in the dark was our saving grace! 
I’m telling y’all… God sure puts the right people in your life at the right times. He sure knows what He is doing! He has Blessed us with some wonderful people in our lives. We will get the privledge of getting to take a cruise with them at the end of the year. I have a feeling we will have the best time! I’m sure you will hear more about them in the future, but for now, that is all. 
Thanks for following me and allowing me to tell your our story!
Have a Blessed day!
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